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Zoom NeoMetal Pear Cluster
Zoom NeoMetal Pear Cluster

NeoMetal Pear Cluster

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Building on the success of our Titanium Pear Cut Prong Set Gems, we're thrilled to bring you another captivating design that celebrates the beauty of pear-cut gemstones. These clusters are all about elegance and charm, featuring pear-cut gemstones arranged in a stunning fan shape. Choose a single color for your cluster and let it take center stage.


Height: 5.2mm, Width: 6.7mm, Depth: 2.9mm

NeoMetal Pear Cluster



Do I need to buy a post separately?

Yes. Our threaded and threadless ends do require a post to wear. Any of our threadless ends will match our threadless posts, while our threaded jewelry will match its
paired gauge size.

What gauge threaded ends will fit my new post?

Threaded top configurations match in pairs, so 18g and 16g will be interchangeable and 14g and 12g will be interchangeable. I.E. a 18/16g threaded end will match 18g and 16g posts.

Is the jewelry insured?

Most of our manufacturers protect against production defects and damage. Each manufacturer has a different policy regarding their jewelry so please reach out if you have any concerns or requests for repairs and replacements. Chains are never insured.

Jewelry buying guides and recommendations will never replace being professionally sized by a licensed piercer. We always recommend seeking professional help for jewelry sizing and jewelry changing.


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