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Shopping Guide to Threaded Jewelry

Threaded jewelry is a type of body jewelry where one or both ends on a post unscrew. It is a versatile type of jewelry, as it can be removed relatively easily, and often. It’s also a good option for thicker, large-gauge jewelry, which can be awkwardly heavy and difficult to change in non-threaded jewelry styles. Threaded posts and rings are a great choice when looking for something that is easy to take in and out without the help of a piercer.

There are two types of threaded body jewelry: internally threaded and externally threaded. Internally threaded jewelry has the screw threads attached to the ball so that the small screw threads into the end of a post. This allows for a smooth surface on the jewelry being inserted into the piercing. This is the type of threading recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers.

Threaded jewelry is infinitely configurable. All threaded jewelry we sell is compatible with other pieces of the same gauge size. Be aware that not all threaded jewelry is universal, and pieces from one company may not necessarily fit pieces from another. Lastly, each piece in our catalog is sold separately, so you want to make sure you pick the right sized end for your post.

Choosing the best sizes for jewelry depends on your piercing and your individual anatomy. Every body is different, and the sizes outlined below are only a basic guideline when selecting jewelry.

Nipple Piercings

For nipple piercings on women, typically 14g or 12g straight threaded barbell shafts are use. Initial jewelry is most often 9/16” to 3/4” long, with healed piercings typically needing ½” to ⅝” posts. 5mm threaded end tends to be ideal for this piercing: too small a ball can pull into the piercing, while too large can put pressure on the areola, putting undue forward pressure on the piercing.

For men, a 14g straight threaded barbell shaft is used most often, typically in ⅜” to ½” lengths for the initial piercing, with healed piercings typically needing 5/16” to 3/8” lengths. A 4mm ball is recommended.

Navel Piercings

Pierced navels can be started with 12g or 14g curved barbells in either 3/8” or 7/16” lengths, with healed piercings typically needing 1/4” to 3/8” posts.

Threaded gem ends should be at least 4mm or larger.

Septum Piercings

Septum piercing can be pierced initially with captive bead rings, circular barbells or septum retainers. After healing, there is a huge range of jewelry to select from, including ornate hinged rings and clickers. The diameter of the jewelry will depend on how high the piercing is placed as well as the general shape and size of the septum. The most common diameters used for septum piercings are 5/16” to 7/16”. The most common jewelry thickness is 16g-14g.

When buying a circular barbell for a septum piercing, unless you want to go with a larger look for the ends, it’s usually a good idea to go with as small a ball size as possible, especially with a smaller diameter ring. So for 16g and 14g go with ⅛” balls, and for 12g go with 5/32” balls, and so on.

Tongue Piercings

Straight barbells in 14g and 12g are common. Tongue piercings swell initially, so downsizing healed piercings typically require a 1/2” to 5/8” shaft. Tongue piercings also tend to heal relatively quickly, so jewelry can usually be downsized in about four weeks. A comfortable size for the final post is usually ⅛” to ¼” shorter than the initial jewelry you were pierced with.

Threaded ends for tongue piercings need to be of a style and size that won’t cause discomfort in your mouth or damage to your teeth. They also need to be large enough that they won’t sink into the soft tissue of the tongue. Recommended ends are 5mm or larger.

Lip & Labret

Labret jewelry (with one flat disk fixed onto the post) are most common to minimize the amount of seams in the jewelry. This helps decrease bacteria and plaque growth on the jewelry. Straight bars can be worn with a removable disk as well as a threaded end. Lip and labret jewelry most commonly are 16g-12g.

Ear and Eyebrow Piercings

These piercings can have a wide range of threaded jewelry options. Many studios pierce these areas with threadless jewelry. Please see our threadless jewelry how to page to determine some lengths for these piercings.

Genital Piercings

Obviously, there is no one-size-fits-all way to determine the correct size suggestions for the dozens of different types of vulva and penis piercings. If you don’t know what size jewelry you are currently wearing contact us and we can see about helping you shop for something new from our online store.




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